Author in Progress!

Quick favor, everyone… a friend of mine, Tyffani Clark, is looking for backing for her first novel.  Chekc out her KICKSTARTER PAGE for more info and to help her out!

She only has 7 days left and is really feeling the crunch.

One response to “Author in Progress!

  1. That’s an interesting way of going about self-publishing. I never thought of using crowd-sourcing to put out my work. FWIW, she can do self-publishing much cheaper than 10K. I know a very good editor who freelances for big publishers (including Carina) and who is a very succesful YA novelist who charges, like, $2 a page for editing. Great cover art is available for $75-200. She can publish through CreateSpace for a paperback version for $30 (the premium package.) Putting it up on Kindle, B&N, ARe and Smashwords is free or $5 at most for a good formatting guide.

    All of my self-pubbed works have cost me less than $100 each to put up and I’m regularly hitting the erotica bestseller lists. More money doesn’t necessarily equal more sales.

    I’d hate for your friend to abandon her dream of publishing over money. She has a lot of options available!

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