SSS – Picture Perfect (Week 2)

Back again – we’re really getting the hang of this, aren’t we?

This week we’re back with Anna and Wes, and it’s getting a bit steamy in here.  Again.  Right now Wes is trying not to think about their one-night-stand.



He never should have touched her, especially there.  Anna paused, her slight intake of breath enough to tell him that she felt it too.  Suddenly his other procurement from the tack room weighed heavily in his pocket, and he wished he hadn’t remembered the secret stash he and Deb had kept in there.

He didn’t want to think about Deb right now.  In fact, he didn’t want to think at all.  He wanted to feel – to touch and be touched, to kiss, and to do far more than that.



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5 responses to “SSS – Picture Perfect (Week 2)

  1. Well sometimes you just have to live in the moment! Great post!

  2. Great six! The tension is palpable!

  3. Great tension and I agree with Gemma, I think he needs to live in the moment.

  4. Secret stash? Gotta wonder what it is! If he wants to feel, then I think he should!

  5. Relating to him feeling like he needed to lose himself was very well conveyed. Great six!

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