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Morning, y’all.

It’s been a minute. For that, I apologize. But there’s been some big stuff happening in the last few months. Remember how back in October I mentioned that Sugar & Spice handed me the rights back to four books? We’re taking care of that.

The lovely Traci Markou at Purple Sword Publications has contracted two of the four so far. She took Blood Doll and She-Wolf, and is in the process of pushing them out for me as we speak. I’m so excited! Purple Sword is so good to me. Take a look:


It’s available today, as a matter of fact! The buy links are still going live, but so far we have three:

All Romance eBooks | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble

I’ll let y’all know when Amazon turns it loose. I’m so excited to have this book back in production. It’s one of my first, but it’s also one of my favorites.

Homegrown Hearts

Look! Looklooklook!!! It’s here!!! It’s finally here!!! I’m completely over the moon about this book. I think I’ve had more fun writing this book than I have any other book ever. It’s light-hearted and fun, and if every book was this easy to write, I’d have a million of them by now.

And you can even buy it!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks | Smashwords

And then there’s one more pretty for you to look at…


That’s probably one of my favorite covers to date. It’s absolutely perfect for the book. It makes me so unbelievably happy. The book is still in edits (that’s totally my fault), but I’ll be able to put it in your hands soon enough.

So that’s my big news. I’ll be back shortly with more fun stuff.

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it… all of you lovelies have five more days to get your submissions in for Carpe Noctem – Truly. Madly. Deeply.


Backlist Bash: Me!

Happy Halloween!

We’re nearing the end of the party, and today I’m taking over my own blog! Why? Because shameless self-promotion is always fun for me. I’ll be talking about Blood Doll, if you don’t mind.

SHR: What makes this particular book your favorite?

It’s dark, it’s sexy, and I wrote it in about two weeks. Vampires have always been one of my favorite creepy critters, and this particular vampire really gets me going. I was in love with Christian from the first time he stepped into my head and started talking. I’ve been asked a time or two which of my heroes I’d most like to meet and it would definitely be him, fangs and all.

Oh, and the cover is absolutely awesome.


SHR: Who published it? When?

Sugar & Spice Press, November 2011.


SHR: Tell us a little about what you went through to get it published.

I was actually in the process of submitting something else when my publisher commented that she had an opening for another Halloween book. I didn’t have anything, but I told her I would definitely get her something. Luckily I’d had an idea bouncing around in my brain that fit. That combined with a substantial amount of time sitting in the hospital with my grandmother gave me the perfect opportunity to kick the story out. I sent it in, and it was out in just over a month.

SHR: On writing in general: What’s the hardest part for you? Why?

Keeping a plot going. I’m the type that gets to roughly the half-way point of a story and then decides it’s awful and won’t ever sell. The inspiration leaves and I’m left with a bunch of words and no discernible ending, which means I want to put it down and go play with something much shinier.


SHR: Unrelated: What’s your favorite color?

I’m partial to red and silver. They were my wedding colors, after all.




Paranormal Erotic Romance


Lana Roberts has come to Boston searching for her twin sister, Sarah. The last place Sarah was seen is an underground club called The Mausoleum. Not realizing what she has gotten herself into, Lana enters, only to find herself in the company of a seductively frightening vampire named Christian Sterling – the only creature in the place that wants to help her. But there’s one problem.

Lana is still human.

If she goes back into The Mausoleum, she’ll be killed, but Christian has a plan…if he can only convince her to go along with it. Can a pair of Halloween costumes, the sexy stranger she has found herself falling for, and a little bit of unorthodox behavior save the day? And just how long can Lana keep telling herself she doesn’t want him?


“How long would it take?” Lana asked after several moments of silence. She shook her head and her eyes seemed to clear. Then she looked up at him, and her cheeks turned a warm, tempting pink color.

“If timed carefully, just a few hours.”

“What happens if it isn’t timed right?”

“You take in too much and turn.” He bit into the burger again, and her face crumpled in confusion.

“I thought vampires couldn’t eat human food,” she said, and glanced down at her own plate. Her stomach growled.

“Vampirism isn’t like you think, Lana.” He placed the burger back on the plate and wiped his hands on his jeans. “Like I said, we eat and drink, we breathe, we have heartbeats. We also crave human blood and will wither and die without it.”

“That’s kind of gross,” she replied, startling a laugh out of him. However, the laugh quickly died as he spotted two familiar faces peering through the grimy door at him. He looked straight at her, reaching across the table to take her hand.

“Are you planning to eat?” he asked. She looked down at the plate, then back up at him.


“Because I think we’re about to have company. We need to make a quick exit.” She grabbed two fries from the plate and shoved them in her mouth whole, which puffed her cheeks out like a squirrel. Christian smirked and patted her hand before pulling a twenty-dollar bill from his wallet and throwing it on the table. “Chew fast, sweetheart,” he said, rising from the booth. She grabbed the burger, took a large bite, then grabbed her straw and stuffed her mouth further with soda. Shaking his head in amusement, he took her hand and led her to the side door just as the front door opened.

The pair watching him paused, then whispered something to each other that was lost in the din of the restaurant. Christian tugged her out the door and started down the sidewalk at a brisk pace. Beside him, Lana chewed the mouthful of food quickly, fighting to swallow it without choking. Any other time he’d have laughed at her, but he heard the door of the diner open and the pair following them call his name.

“Chew faster,” he urged, picking up his pace. Lana was nearly running when she swallowed the final time and gave a weak, gagging cough.

“What’s going on?” she choked out.

“We’re being followed.”


“Exactly.” He swept her into his arms and began to run. Nine blocks later, Christian ducked into an alley and dropped her to her feet. “Do you trust me, Lana?” She looked up at him, her eyes wide and perfectly round, and nodded. “Then just go with me on this, okay?” She nodded again. He peered around the alley wall, listening as the footsteps moved in. “They’re coming,” he said, turning and walking her back into the shadows. He pushed her back against the wall and took her face in his hands. “Just go with it,” he said, and kissed her.

This was no tentative first kiss. Christian pressed his full body against her, pinning her to the wall as he threaded his fingers and laid siege to her mouth.


A tremor of delight winged through Lana’s belly. With his body pressed so fully against her, she could feel every ridge of muscle, every twitch, and every beat of his heart. Or was that her own? Either way, it didn’t matter. He tasted of rare meat and grease, and his fingers, like ice, danced along her hairline as his tongue swept into her mouth and tangled with hers. As his slid his fingers over her shoulders and around her back between her and the wall, she let go a desperate whimper and leaned into him. There was no denying now how badly she wanted him.

The kiss seemed to go on forever, that sweetly erotic push-pull that made her lightheaded and reckless. When he finally pulled back, he sighed and pressed his forehead against hers.

“I have wanted to do that since I first saw you,” he said with a weak chuckle. “And I want to do it again and again.”



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Backlist Blog Hop

Hey, everybody! Thanks for visiting!

Just for coming through, anyone who comments gets thrown in the pot to win a book. Any book on the list. Just leave me a comment with your email address, book choice, and whether you’d like Nook or Kindle format.

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"Marked" by Siobhan Kinkade

The covers are gorgeous. The stories, even better (if I do say so myself). Click on any of the pictures…they’ll take you to my backlist page where you can get the scoop on what’s here.

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Stuffing The Stockings!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the internet.  It’s lovely to see you.  I have some fantastic things planned for the next few days, including giveaways, an ongoing contest, and some fun freebie fiction.

First: The Giveaway

At the end of the hop, I’ll be giving away one PDF copy of each of my books.  Want more information on them?  Then GO HERE and check them out.

Want to know how to score one?  Leave me a comment (with an email address!) with a suggestion as to which book you might want.  At the end of the hop, I’ll collect comments and suggestions, and will choose three lucky winners.

Easy enough, right?

Second: The Freebie Story – Part One

Next you get to meet the main characters from Blood Doll,  Lana and Christian.  This story takes place in two parts and is set after the book ends, so there area few spoilers.  Part one appears today, and part two will be up tomorrow, so come back often!  Oh yeah, enjoy!


Bloody Good
An Erotic Holiday Adventure

Vampires are so overrated.  I would know…I am one.

A few months ago, my boyfriend, Christian Sterling, turned me into a vampire so that I could save my sister, Sarah, from complete and utter destruction at the hands of a psychopath vamp named Xanthe.  My name is Lana, by the way.  Lana Roberts.

It’s funny, you know… this being a vampire thing.  When I was looking for Sarah, I never even batted an eyelash at Christian and his announcement that I wouldn’t survive unless I died.  He didn’t say it quite like that, but it’s pretty much what he meant.  After all, he kinda had to kill me to save me.

And no, I’m not bitter.  A little sarcastic and cynical, maybe.  But not bitter.  Trading humanity for transcendent sex is nothing to be bitter about, let me tell you.

The worst part of the transformation isn’t the torpor, or the pain, or even giving up the sun.  No, it’s the knowledge that no matter how bored I get with life, I’m stuck with it for the foreseeable future.  At least Christian tries to keep it interesting.

This story is a perfect example of his creativity.  And I must say, I never knew either of us was quite so kinky.


With a week to go before Christmas, Sarah took it upon herself to leave us a note and say that she was going off to find a new adventure.  Vampirism suited her and her wild lifestyle, and it wasn’t the first time she vanished on us.  I wasn’t worried, but I was a little unsettled by the fact that she likely would not return before the holiday.  It would be the first one spent without my family – our parents knew we were together, but they still didn’t have a clue about the bloodsucking fiend part.

So in standard vampire fashion, I spent the following three days moping around the cottage – yeah, we live in the middle of the woods half-way between Boston and Salem, and there is a perpetual blanket of snow on the ground from November first until sometime in the middle of May, or so Christian tells me – feeling sorry for myself.  Christian, of course, wasn’t having that.  He had this bad habit of surprising me in bizarre ways, and this particular night was no different.

It started with the blindfold he tied around my eyes.  Christian appeared behind me, thinking he was moving in ultra-stealth mode and forgetting yet again that as a vampire, I could hear him.  The thin strain of giggles coming from him would have given him away even if the creaky floorboard hadn’t.  I sat still, continuing to stare at my book and pretending I didn’t hear him as he draped the scrap of blue silk across my eyes and tied it into a knot at the base of my head.

“I have a surprise for you,” he said.  I’d have rolled my eyes if I was able.

“So I gathered,” I replied, and bit the inside of my cheek to keep from smiling.  “Going to tell me where it is, or just leave me sitting here in the dark.”

He apparently lost the ability to speak and began to giggle as he took my hands and led me out the door.  Because of my new status – vampire, that is – the cold didn’t bother me.  Yes, I still had a heartbeat, but because of the weird mojo that makes us undead my natural body temperature wasn’t much higher than that of the snow around me.  It was still falling, too.  I could feel it whispering against my bare arms as he led me deeper into the woods.

About a quarter mile in, I caught the first scent of what I assumed was his surprise.  A fire made from oak wood, and human blood – warm, spicy, and unmistakably male.  At this point I wasn’t sure exactly where this was going with this little ruse, but it was certainly exciting.

With my hand still clutched in his, Christian led me up to the edge of the fire.  Its warmth was welcoming and the scent of aroused male blood intoxicating.  Through the contact of his fingers against mine, I could feel Christian’s amusement as his arm shook with silent laughter.  This was getting more and more interesting by the second.

When Christian finally took off my blindfold, I was amazed by the sight he’d created.  A flannel blanket lay atop of snowdrift to the left.  A young man with deep, chestnut-colored skin, nearly naked and blindfolded, was shackled to a tree on the other side of the happily crackling fire.  Stuffed down into the snow was a bottle of champagne.  Two glasses lay next to it.

“Picnic dinner,” he said, his lips grazing my ear as he said it.  The motion sent a shiver of delight along my spine.  I inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of the stranger’s blood.   He smelled sweet, spicy, and clean.  My mouth began to water as my fangs descended.  “I thought you might like to try something new.  Indian.  Virgin.”

Virgin? I hadn’t had one of those yet.  My lips curled up into what had to be the most wicked smile I’d ever shown, because Christian laughed as he kissed my throat.

“Appetizing?” he asked.

“When can I eat him?”


Let me pause here – I should tell you before we go any further that yes, I had every intention of drinking his blood.  That didn’t mean I had to kill him – and I didn’t.  Just thought I should clear that up now.


“Have a seat and I will bring your dinner to you,” Christian said as he led me toward the blanket.  “You open the champagne while I go get the main course.”

I sat, as he instructed, and pulled the cork from the bottle.  After balancing the glasses on the snowy bank, I filled each one and stuffed the bottle back into its carved-out hole.    I heard the rope and handcuffs fall away, and the young man gave a quiet, nervous chuckle as Christian took him by the wrists and led him toward us.

He lay down across the blanket and Christian sat down across from me.  The cold snow under the blanket was obviously a shock for the human’s skin as his back arched away from it.  The motion sent a wave of his scent hurtling toward my nose.

I wanted to eat him.  Badly.

“Christian?” I asked.  I knew I was whining, but I didn’t care.  “Can I eat him now?”

Smirking, he picked up the young man’s bound wrist and offered it to me.  I couldn’t help it.  I knew it was cliché as I did it but I licked my lips then licked his wrist before I took it into my own hands.  The young man moaned as my tongue slicked over his salty skin.  He tasted sweet and innocent.  Christian lifted his other wrist with a smile, and together we sank our teeth into the delicate, cocoa-hued flesh.

His blood, sweet and heady, hit the back of my throat.  I shivered with pure delight.  Never, ever in my life – human or otherwise – had I tasted anything so delicious.  The stranger made a strange, keening noise deep in his throat that slowly turned to a groan of pleasure.  I glanced up at Christian, whose eyes were nearly invisible they’d rolled so far back into his head.  Tiny flakes of snow hung on the tips of his blue mohawk and lay scattered over his shoulders and down his bare arms.  Whether it was the virgin blood coursing through me or my boyfriend’s own heady charisma, I didn’t know.  But what I did know was that before this was over, I was going to get lucky.

Very lucky.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final half of Bloody Good and more chances to win!

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