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Look at the Shiny! (It’s a book release, kids!)


It’s that time, my lovelies! She-Wolf is back on the market with an updated cover, re-edited interior, and even more juicy werewolf goodness. I love this book. LOVE IT. I do. It’s one of those that, when I go back and read it, makes me all tingly and giddy. Ridiculous, I know…but it makes me happy.

And I have to say, I absolutely adore Traci at Purple Sword. This cover is everything I always wanted it to be and more. So, so, so much more. I’m excited, so you guys should be too!

Back Cover Blurb

Is the wild attraction between them enough to upset her curse?

It is almost the full moon, and young werewolf Mira Winterborn is restless. Research has failed her, and she is convinced that no matter what happens, there is no way to stop the change. But when her best friend invites her out for a late night on the town, she finds herself drawn to the bad-boy in the corner as a likely candidate for a final experiment. Unfortunately, he’s there to kill her.

Rune Morwyn is a hunter, working to repay a blood debt. Mira is to be his last mark, but she makes him a bizarre offer that seems too good to be true. Is the wild attraction between them enough to upset her curse, and what will happen if he lets his normally guarded heart go?

♥ ♥ ♥

And a Taste…

Mira had never seen the bar packed quite so tightly before. Their normally deserted hole-in-the-wall pulsed with raw energy. Maybe the full moon was affecting more than just her tonight? Not likely, but she let herself believe it anyway to quell the frustration rising in her chest. It had been known to happen, after all.

As soon as they were through the ID check, Tempest vanished into the crowd with little more than a peck on the cheek and a backward wave, leaving Mira standing in the doorway alone. This was exactly why she’d tried to back out in the first place. The deep throb of industrial music filled her ears and her body, its heavy melody thumping all the way to her center. She had learned from experience it was useless to try and fight the rhythmic bump of the drum machines. The beat took hold, and she found herself swaying under its control, feeling the effects of her surroundings begin rip away her inhibitions and her anger.

Maybe Tempest was right…maybe Mira could find someone to take home. Even if the attraction wasn’t strong enough to stop the change, or if he wasn’t into the whole ritual sex-while-asking-the-cosmos-for-favors thing, at least she could have a little fun, scratch the itch building in her belly, and distract herself for a while.

Yeah…and frogs fell from the sky daily. As Mira passed, the men around her turned to watch her, sizing her up with obvious appreciation as she slipped and slid against their sides and around other men and women. She watched them with equal interest, making determinations based on her gut instincts as she passed.

Too young…too old…too much hair…too fragile…BINGO.

She spotted him at the back of the building, close to the DJ’s pedestal. He leaned against the wall, a beer in hand. He looked like he was at the extreme edge of boredom as he turned a disinterested gaze toward her. The second their gazes connected, she felt the effect of his presence lash through her body. A shiver of delight wormed its way down her spine and seated firmly in her belly, sprouting tendrils of warmth that twisted around her insides and drew her forward.

He seemed to feel it too. The look of boredom disappeared from his face, replaced by an odd mixture of tension and amusement. He abandoned his station and his drink and started toward her. The look on his face was feral; he appeared almost as wild as she felt. Another were?

Not likely. She sniffed at the air and picked up no trace of her kind in the building. He had to be human, or she’d have known it already.

As he neared her, she realized how big he was…tall, broad-shouldered, with formfitting leather pants and a tight, black T-shirt that showcased a well-defined body, perfect for clinging to. Deep-set silver-gray eyes held her gaze with laser-like precision and shoulder-length black hair to match her own framed his face in a messy, I’m-a-man-and-I-don’t-care shag.

So this is animal magnetism, she thought as they met without a word and fell into step with the music. He did not ask her name, and she didn’t offer it, content only to be here with him in this moment, moving together in a time-old mating ritual. He towered over her; she was of average height, but the top of her head scarcely came up to his shoulder. The smell of aftershave curled around her, the familiar, sexy smell pinging against her senses and upping her pulse considerably. She wanted to reach up and draw her fingers across his jaw to test the give in those sinfully crafted lips. Mira couldn’t take her eyes off of him, and delighted in the fact that he seemed inclined to watch her as well. A dark, wicked smile curled his lips as he stared down at her.

♥ ♥ ♥

Where to Get It

Purple Sword Publications Webstore
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | All Romance eBooks

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And remember, my darlings… if you’ve read this book, reviews are love!


I don’t always blog, but when I do…

…I bring you really awesome new things. Or in this case, a newly revamped thing. Guys, I can’t tell you how inordinately happy I am to be able to post this today, because let me tell you, I absolutely adore this book. I do. It’s awesome. It makes me happy. And it was written by one of my best friends in the world.

You see, I was there for the birth of this story. I watched it grow and change from the pages of a notebook in a coffee shop to in Rock Hill to a digital manuscript. I watched as it became a book in its own right, then got this beautiful new facelift. And here it is…the latest Ellora’s Cave Shivers novel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Hellsong by the incomparable Alexandra Christian.

Hellsong by Alexandra ChristianTheo is a child of the storm, found wandering after the hurricane that devastated New Orleans, with no memory of her past. She’s made a quiet, contented existence for herself. But all that changes when two very different but equally compelling men come into her life.

Dantalion and Saraqael both want her body, and her soul. But there’s a much greater prize at stake. If she chooses right, she’ll find Heaven in the arms of an angel. If she chooses wrong, all Hell will be let loose on Earth.

A Romantica® horror erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Amazon | Ellora’s Cave


The heavy clunk of her boots on the sidewalk marked off each step toward her car. The sound seemed to reverberate on the brick walls all around. The streetlamp beside her car flickered and she had to shield her eyes to see as she approached. She finally reached the car and began attempting to unlock the door. She felt around with her fingertips, seeking out the tiny keyhole. By now the rain was coming down in sheets and that, coupled with the flickering streetlight, wasn’t helping her progress much. “Damn it,” she cursed, shoving the key at the door and missing the hole completely. She gasped and dropped her keys as lightning struck mere feet away from her, taking out the already ailing streetlamp. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” she shrieked, nearly in tears. She fell to her knees, feeling around on the soaking wet street to find the key ring.

A car whizzed past behind her back, close enough to make her jacket rustle with the tailwind. When lightning flashed again, she saw a glimmer of metal under the car. If she got down on her belly she could just reach it. She groaned with the strain of her muscles as she stretched her hand toward the keys. She started to panic a little, hearing a heavy footfall behind her. The heels dragged along the gravel and stopped right behind her foot. She closed her eyes and took a couple of deep breaths, trying to muster up the courage to sit up and face what knew must be a psychokiller.

“Do you need some help?” The voice was soft, tinged with an accent Theo couldn’t place. She sat up, staring up at this new person. She couldn’t see his face save for the lines and shadows illuminated by the erratic lightning flashes.

“I dropped my keys,” she whimpered, knowing that she probably shouldn’t tell this stranger anything about herself. “They slid under the car.”

“Slide back, then,” he replied. She obeyed and watched as he squatted down gracefully and easily plucked the keys from their resting place under the car. “Are these what you’re looking for?” The keys dangled from his sinewy fingertips in front of her face. In that moment, the streetlamp flickered to life again and poured a fluorescent glow over them both. She was struck by the electricity of his eyes. They were like blue flames staring down at her. His hair and skin were so pale she could hardly believe he was real. Perhaps it was a trick of the light, but for a moment she was sure that his skin was glowing silver. He offered his other hand and she took it, allowing him to pull her to her feet.

“Thank you,” she stammered, her teeth chattering in the frigid air. While sitting on the ground, she had become soaking wet, the dampness chilling her to the bone. She reached out to take the keys and her fingers brushed his. His hands were so warm. She had a sudden feeling that she’d like to press her body against his, absorb his warmth. He seemed to read her mind and looked down, smirking. “I’m not sure how I would have gotten them if you hadn’t come along.”

“Well, you should be careful. Not everyone lurking about is as nice as I am.” He smiled again, making Theo’s heart race. “Now be a good girl and get into your car. I want to see that you’re safe before I go.”

About Lexxx

My name is Alexandra Christian, or Lexxx if you like (yes, those three Xs are on purpose). I’m an author of mostly paranormal erotic romance and horror. In case you don’t know what that means, I write about not-so-nice girls getting it on with out-of-this-world heroes. Vampires, werewolves, selkies, angels and demons—and that’s just recently! My first novel was published two years ago and ever since, I’ve been working my sweet Southern ass off to churn out as much sin and debauchery as I can.

A while ago, I christened myself The Southern Belle from Hell and I think it’s a title that suits me well. I live in a small town in South Carolina—the same town I’ve lived in my entire life. The rich Southern culture, fried foods and a healthy dose of superstition have colored my personality and my writing style. I have an extremely tolerant husband who is the epitome of the Southern male with his buttery-thick accent, laid-back swagger and simple sweetness that makes women of all ages swoon. Of course, how we ended up together is a miraculous wonder. I’m a closeted Goth and when we go out, he looks like my chaperone, but it works! We’re kind of a Herman and Lily Munster in our neighborhood and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve published several novels, novellas and short stories so far and look forward to sharing my twisted view of reality with the masses through erotic paranormal romance and horror. I aspire to one day be a bestselling author and part-time pinup girl. Questions, comments and complaints are most welcome.

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Loki’s Game Cover Release!

So, did I tell everyone that I finally got off my duff and contracted Loki’s Game? Yes? No? I don’t remember!

Suffice it to say, things have been chaotic in my slice of the world. Real life keeps getting in the way of my fun (and by fun I mean writing), but I’m moving along slowly and steadily anyway.

To prove it, I’m here today to show you the new shinies! Loki’s Game will be out January 2013 courtesy of Sugar & Spice Press. This book has been a two-year battle, and I’m happy to be able to say that I’ve won!

I wish I could give it out today, but unfortunately I don’t think the formatters are going to be too thrilled over that. Until it’s out, here’s something tide you over, provided by the ultra-talented Elaina Lee:

And a little bit about it…

Word Count: 57,000
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

Unemployed museum curator Lily Redway responds to an advertisement in the newspaper, thinking she is applying for a job. On the other side of that small, black-and-white box waits two things: a fantasy world come to life and a man named Rowan Keir.

Rowan is a man with many secrets. He is a shape-shifter, a descendent of old world mythology, and the guardian of a rare and valuable Nordic artifact. He is also being hunted by the god Loki and has spent the last six hundred years outsmarting and outrunning him.

With the fury of Asgard on Rowan’s trail, Lily finds herself caught up in a real-life fantasy story, a love triangle, and an ages-old war that pitches her into a different world and one very hard truth:

All is fair in love and war.

Backlist Bash: Alexandra Christian

We’re winding down, but not so much that we don’t have a few things left to enjoy… in the spotlight on this crisp November 1st is my good friend and partner in crime, ALEXANDRA CHRISTIAN. On tap is a bit of information about her debut novel (and one of my favorite angel/demon books ever), Hellsong.


SK: What makes this particular book your favorite?

AC: Hellsong is probably my favorite book just because it was my first.  This book is the one that proved to me that I could actually write a novel length piece with a cohesive plot.  I felt very close to the characters and much of it was written during a particularly difficult time in my life.  Therefore, it’s a constant reminder of survival.


SK: Who published it? When?

AC: Hellsong was published by Sugar and Spice Press in October of 2010. 


SK: Tell us a little about what you went through to get it published.

AC: My husband, author Tally Johnson, was a guest at the ConCarolinas sci-fi convention in Charlotte, NC and I had gone with him to support his budding career as a writer and ghost expert.  I had no idea that there would be so many authors and as soon as I stepped in, I was fascinated.  I talked to everyone I could and finally managed to meet the fabulous Kelly Ann Pearson.  We were sitting beside one another on author’s alley, her promoting her new publishing house, Sugar and Spice, and me babysitting Tally’s books.  We got to talking about writing and I shared some of my ideas and goals as far as being a writer.  She was so encouraging and urged me to finish up the piece I was working on and send it in to her submissions department.  To my incredible surprise, she liked it!  And the rest, as they say, is history.

SK: On writing in general: What’s the hardest part for you? Why?

AC: Promotion is, by far, the most difficult thing for me as an author.  For one thing, I’ve never been very good at tooting my own horn.  For another, I’d rather be writing an imaginary story than writing a blog post or a character interview. 


SK: Unrelated: What’s your favorite color?

AC: Red. Definitely Red.



Paranormal Erotic Romance


Can mercy be a sin?

Lonely bookstore manager Theo Chandler lost herself in Hurricane Katrina. Found wandering alone in a swamp with no memory of her life before the storm, she has spent the last few years building a half-life where no one touches her so no one can guess her secret. Only Father Jerome, a voodoo priest who witnessed her birth, and the minions of Lucifer know her true identity and the monster she could become.

As the last of the Grigori, Heaven’s guardians of humankind on Earth, the angel Saraquel should destroy beautiful Theo before the forces of Hell use her to destroy him, humanity, or even Heaven itself. But like Jerome, he sees the humanity in her that far outshines the hidden demon. He forms a connection to her that he has never known with anyone else through all his immortal life. Choosing to protect her, he joins Theo and Jerome in a fight to bring down hell’s design and save her human soul.


Her mind began to wander to the man who had helped her down on the street. How lucky she was that he had been walking by at the exact moment that she needed him. Like some kind of guardian angel. And he was everything that one would expect an angel to be. His frame, tall and angular with wide shoulders and squared hips. His hair so blonde that it reminded her of strands of crinkly silk that fell across his brow. And his eyes. His eyes were so blue that she seemed to see right through them and into his soul. She had trusted him upon seeing those eyes. His voice still echoed in her head, his touch still burning on her skin even though it had only been a moment’s caress. She put her arms around herself, goose bumps popping out all over as she thought of him. She breathed, closing her eyes and imagining what his arms would feel like encircling her shoulders, holding her tight, his lips on her skin.

She laughed nervously under her breath. She shouldn’t be thinking of him like this. She didn’t even know his name, for God’s sake. He could be anyone, but she could remember every subtle nuance of his voice. His smell had permeated her skin and still hung heavy in the air. She picked up the sweater she’d been wearing and held it to her nose, inhaling. The bittersweet scent of red wine mixed with soap and clove cigarettes. It was unlike anything she’d smelled before and it took her back to the moment when he’d grabbed her, keeping her from falling.

Theo hugged the sweater to her body as she crossed the room. It was worn and soft—her favorite—the color of pomegranate seeds. It was still warm from the heat of her body and she pulled it closely around herself. She lay down with it, holding it against herself. If only she could feel the warmth of his body atop hers, then perhaps it wouldn’t be so cold. Theo inhaled again, taking his scent into her, letting it fill her up. She could imagine him breathing into her, his kiss keeping her alive in this concrete tomb she’d created for herself. She opened her mouth to let him in and her mind’s eye made it real. His lips crushing against hers, his teeth scraping across the delicate skin. She groaned, her fingertips trilling lightly across her shoulders and down her arm. If she closed her eyes and blocked out the rest, they felt as she imagined his fingers would, desperate and sure. They slid over the rough threads of the sweater, pressing it into her flesh as they sought out the curve of each breast. She could feel their centers hardening under the fabric and she arched into her own fantasy. She raised a hand to her mouth, covering it to muffle the sounds of her cries, then flicking her tongue over the pads of her fingers. She could almost taste him where he’d taken her hand before and she tasted the smoke tobacco flavor that lingered there.

With her other hand, she pushed the sweater higher, sweeping it aside to rest by the pillow. This way she could still smell him, but her body, now burning with the heat of her waking dream, could cool in the nighttime chill. Taking her fingers from her mouth, she slid them down, working them beneath the fabric of her camisole and using them to caress each nipple. They were so stiff that, at the first touch, they seemed to shrink with pain. But soon they warmed to her delicate teasing and she became bolder. She touched them the way she imagined he would—cautiously at first, then more urgent as his need for her grew. She rolled them between her thumb and forefingers, pulling at them gently until the sensation drifted down in waves to settle at her center. She could feel the pleasure sitting heavy over her sex, the heat becoming so intense that she had to open her thighs to calm it. She could hear his voice echoing in her ears. He called her name, tempting her to touch herself. She could see his eyes, burning blue fire as he watched her. He smiled, almost guiding her hands to her center.

Before she could stop herself, her fingertips were playing at the edges of her sex, pulling the small, dewy petals apart. She moaned softly as the cool air trilled over her overheated skin. The edge of her fingernail scraped over the tiny, swollen nub of flesh at her center and she gasped at the intensity of sensation. Before she knew it, she was crying out, falling faster into a chasm of pleasure built by his suggestion.


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And be sure to check out SUGAR & SPICE PRESS!

Backlist Bash: Me!

Happy Halloween!

We’re nearing the end of the party, and today I’m taking over my own blog! Why? Because shameless self-promotion is always fun for me. I’ll be talking about Blood Doll, if you don’t mind.

SHR: What makes this particular book your favorite?

It’s dark, it’s sexy, and I wrote it in about two weeks. Vampires have always been one of my favorite creepy critters, and this particular vampire really gets me going. I was in love with Christian from the first time he stepped into my head and started talking. I’ve been asked a time or two which of my heroes I’d most like to meet and it would definitely be him, fangs and all.

Oh, and the cover is absolutely awesome.


SHR: Who published it? When?

Sugar & Spice Press, November 2011.


SHR: Tell us a little about what you went through to get it published.

I was actually in the process of submitting something else when my publisher commented that she had an opening for another Halloween book. I didn’t have anything, but I told her I would definitely get her something. Luckily I’d had an idea bouncing around in my brain that fit. That combined with a substantial amount of time sitting in the hospital with my grandmother gave me the perfect opportunity to kick the story out. I sent it in, and it was out in just over a month.

SHR: On writing in general: What’s the hardest part for you? Why?

Keeping a plot going. I’m the type that gets to roughly the half-way point of a story and then decides it’s awful and won’t ever sell. The inspiration leaves and I’m left with a bunch of words and no discernible ending, which means I want to put it down and go play with something much shinier.


SHR: Unrelated: What’s your favorite color?

I’m partial to red and silver. They were my wedding colors, after all.




Paranormal Erotic Romance


Lana Roberts has come to Boston searching for her twin sister, Sarah. The last place Sarah was seen is an underground club called The Mausoleum. Not realizing what she has gotten herself into, Lana enters, only to find herself in the company of a seductively frightening vampire named Christian Sterling – the only creature in the place that wants to help her. But there’s one problem.

Lana is still human.

If she goes back into The Mausoleum, she’ll be killed, but Christian has a plan…if he can only convince her to go along with it. Can a pair of Halloween costumes, the sexy stranger she has found herself falling for, and a little bit of unorthodox behavior save the day? And just how long can Lana keep telling herself she doesn’t want him?


“How long would it take?” Lana asked after several moments of silence. She shook her head and her eyes seemed to clear. Then she looked up at him, and her cheeks turned a warm, tempting pink color.

“If timed carefully, just a few hours.”

“What happens if it isn’t timed right?”

“You take in too much and turn.” He bit into the burger again, and her face crumpled in confusion.

“I thought vampires couldn’t eat human food,” she said, and glanced down at her own plate. Her stomach growled.

“Vampirism isn’t like you think, Lana.” He placed the burger back on the plate and wiped his hands on his jeans. “Like I said, we eat and drink, we breathe, we have heartbeats. We also crave human blood and will wither and die without it.”

“That’s kind of gross,” she replied, startling a laugh out of him. However, the laugh quickly died as he spotted two familiar faces peering through the grimy door at him. He looked straight at her, reaching across the table to take her hand.

“Are you planning to eat?” he asked. She looked down at the plate, then back up at him.


“Because I think we’re about to have company. We need to make a quick exit.” She grabbed two fries from the plate and shoved them in her mouth whole, which puffed her cheeks out like a squirrel. Christian smirked and patted her hand before pulling a twenty-dollar bill from his wallet and throwing it on the table. “Chew fast, sweetheart,” he said, rising from the booth. She grabbed the burger, took a large bite, then grabbed her straw and stuffed her mouth further with soda. Shaking his head in amusement, he took her hand and led her to the side door just as the front door opened.

The pair watching him paused, then whispered something to each other that was lost in the din of the restaurant. Christian tugged her out the door and started down the sidewalk at a brisk pace. Beside him, Lana chewed the mouthful of food quickly, fighting to swallow it without choking. Any other time he’d have laughed at her, but he heard the door of the diner open and the pair following them call his name.

“Chew faster,” he urged, picking up his pace. Lana was nearly running when she swallowed the final time and gave a weak, gagging cough.

“What’s going on?” she choked out.

“We’re being followed.”


“Exactly.” He swept her into his arms and began to run. Nine blocks later, Christian ducked into an alley and dropped her to her feet. “Do you trust me, Lana?” She looked up at him, her eyes wide and perfectly round, and nodded. “Then just go with me on this, okay?” She nodded again. He peered around the alley wall, listening as the footsteps moved in. “They’re coming,” he said, turning and walking her back into the shadows. He pushed her back against the wall and took her face in his hands. “Just go with it,” he said, and kissed her.

This was no tentative first kiss. Christian pressed his full body against her, pinning her to the wall as he threaded his fingers and laid siege to her mouth.


A tremor of delight winged through Lana’s belly. With his body pressed so fully against her, she could feel every ridge of muscle, every twitch, and every beat of his heart. Or was that her own? Either way, it didn’t matter. He tasted of rare meat and grease, and his fingers, like ice, danced along her hairline as his tongue swept into her mouth and tangled with hers. As his slid his fingers over her shoulders and around her back between her and the wall, she let go a desperate whimper and leaned into him. There was no denying now how badly she wanted him.

The kiss seemed to go on forever, that sweetly erotic push-pull that made her lightheaded and reckless. When he finally pulled back, he sighed and pressed his forehead against hers.

“I have wanted to do that since I first saw you,” he said with a weak chuckle. “And I want to do it again and again.”



Sugar & Spice Press | Barnes & Noble | Amazon
Bookstrand | All Romance eBooks



And be sure to check out SUGAR & SPICE PRESS!

Backlist Bash: Zillah Anderson

It’s almost the end, but I couldn’t wrap up this party without a little bit of glory from the resident world-dominant-in-training, Zillah Anderson. She’s with us today to show off her Rebel Ink Press release, Power Chord.

SHR: What makes this particular book your favorite?

ZA: It’s my first erotica title, and it’s a story I had kicking around forever, but was nervous to submit. I like being able to be a little rougher than I might from a female character’s POV, and I really like that I could put in a twist ending to shake everything up. It was fun playing with the fan/celebrity dynamic a little bit. We all have crushes on people, but I don’t think that’s a fantasy people always feel comfortable exploring, especially this day and age. So it was fun to kind of reverse expectations and play with that.

SHR: Who published it? When?

ZA: Rebel Ink Press published it in May 2012.


SHR: Tell us a little about what you went through to get it published.

ZA: I’d written it years ago and it went through several rewrites. I’d been submitting it to anthologies, mostly rock themed stuff, without getting replies. A lot of my friends had worked with Rebel Ink, so I decided to give them a try, and to my delight they liked the piece!

SHR: On writing in general: What’s the hardest part for you? Why?

ZA: With erotica/romance, it’s finding a balance between sexy and the emotional aspect and circumstances. For me, the setting and the build-up is just as much a part of it as the main action, so I have to make sure I’m not rushing ahead to get to the “good stuff” when the rest of the story is just as important.


SHR: Unrelated: What’s your favorite color?

ZA: Black and pink! (with sparkles) 😉



Paranormal Erotica


Drake has gotten used to having things his way – he makes the decisions whether it be recording his music, on the road while touring, or in bed. He may be somewhat older than when he first started, but he can still pack venues and still has fans at his mercy. But while professional success brings about one type of satisfaction, there’s a certain type that he just can’t seem to reach one dull night after a show. He doesn’t party hard anymore – he knows better – but that doesn’t mean he can’t indulge in a dirty fantasy all his own. What would it be like to have ultimate power, to be able to shed the confines of his body and sneak up on the unsuspecting by way of astral travel? What would it be like to seduce a woman when she can’t see him, can only feel him when he wants her to?  And what happens when he’s not the only one who appreciates good music and is turned on by the power of control?



As soon as the opening chords strummed into being, he was back in the daydream, back in the room with her exactly as he’d left her. A strange relief filled his chest and an even stranger heat surged under his skin. He was right behind her, close enough to touch. Her hips swayed to the song’s rhythm, her hand still close to where they both wanted it, but not close enough. Could he touch her in astral form? What the hell, it’s my daydream, he reasoned.

He was right behind her, close enough to touch. Her hips swayed to the song’s rhythm, her hand still close to where they both wanted it, but not close enough. Could he touch her in astral form? What the hell, it’s my daydream, he reasoned.

“Does that make you wet?” he breathed as the guitar once again surged into a fiery series of aural pyrotechnics. She froze as if she couldn’t quite hear him but sensed that something was amiss. “Do you want me to put my hands all over you the way I do my guitar?”

He smiled when she darted to the wall to hit the light switch, apparently forgetting that she hadn’t dressed yet. “Sit down,” he urged, and in the hotel room his fingers curled tighter around his length when she immediately obeyed. The song changed to a sultry ballad with a steady, pulsing rhythm. Perfect. Her lips were turned down in confusion, her dark eyes darting back towards the dresser. “No you don’t,” he rumbled, sliding his presence right up beside her. She didn’t look his way. “Touch yourself, honey. Go on; no one’s here.”


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